Monday, 7 January 2013

Introduction (2) My Mathematics Classroom

How would you envisage the Maths experience in SST is going to be like... 

(a) In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?

(b) How do we contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?

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  1. [a] we would have a lot of tough math problems thrown at us

    [b] do our hw and hand it in on time, pay attention in class (???)

  2. a)we would be given maths olympiad questions and teachers would still teach if it is very hard
    b)hand in our hw in time , pay attention in class and encourage friends when they have difficulties in doing their work

  3. a) the students would all be trying out different methods to solve difficult questions
    b) Get assignments done on time, keep quiet in class and assisting friends when they are unsure or unclear of the topic being discussed

  4. (a)The questions that are given would be challenging and the students would work together to solve the questions.
    (b)Hand in hw on time so as to not cause any problems and always ask questions if unsure about the topic.

  5. A) Maths would be difficult and there will be many problem solving questions
    B) Hand in our homework on time and ask questions if i am not sure

  6. I) the questions would first be easy to bulid our basic knowledge and soon the difficulty level would rise
    II)be hardworking and perserverant

  7. We would need to work our brains a lot.

  8. 1) We will have a lot of homework to do.
    2) We can help each other if we have problems

  9. !-the maths homework will be quite challenging
    2-we can help each and ask the teacher if we encounter any problems

  10. a) We must learn the basics and build a strong foundation first. Followed by giving us more challenging questions.
    b) We encourage each other and help each other with our problems or weakness. We must also focus and not be distracted by other unimportant things.

  11. A) Ms Loh will definitely give us very difficult questions which is normal because we have just entered secondary school so we guys are quite used to our normal and easier primary school maths questions.
    B) We should not distract our classmates seating beside us during lessons. Instead, we should focus and help our friends out with their weaker points.

  12. a) We will have much more difficult math problems to answer, as well as really new topics to master.
    b) We should all help each other understand the questions, as some of us, our strength is in math. It is also our duty to not let ourselves get distracted and also, we should ask questions if we have any doubts to avoid misunderstandings of the topic.

  13. 1)I think it will be challenging but you may never know
    2)Throw out ideas and help others with their work if they don't know

  14. (a) Challenging, yet it should also be engaging.

    (b) We should help and encourage one another

  15. a) Challenging and yet, manageable
    b) help each other and improve on one another's skills

  16. challenging,yet intersting
    help each other in math sums

  17. a) I think it will be challenging and more practical.
    b) I think different students are specialised in certain math topics. So the whole will need to collaborate to solve a challenging sum in a simpler way.

  18. a)We would do alot of work on our computer and the maths will be more difficult
    b)We would need to cooperate with the teacher by not making too much noise during class and handing in our work on time.

  19. a) We will be given lots of challenging problems.
    b) We need to pay attention in class and help our friends when they need our help.