Saturday, 19 January 2013

TimeTable for Maths in T1W3 (21-25 January)

Dear S1-07

Please note that there will be changes to your Maths Timetable in the week 21-25 January.
As I will be away on 23-25 January, to minimise disruption to your learning, I've swapped lessons with some of your teachers:

  • 21 Jan Monday 1310-1400h Maths (instead of Science)
  • 22 Jan Tuesday 0855-0945h Maths (instead of Science)
  • 23 Jan Wednesday 1155-1245 ADMT (instead of Maths)
  • 24 Jan Thursday 1015-1105 Science (instead of Maths)
  • 25 Jan Friday 1015-1105 Science (instead of Maths)
Please bring the necessary learning materials for the respective subjects according to the updated timetable.

In addition,

  • 7 Feb Thursday 1245-1335 Maths (instead of ADMT)

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