Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Let Me Read Your Mind!

Click at the LINK to get the Crystal ball reading your mind

Could you UNCOVER THE MYSTERY behind the crystal ball?
(in the Algebraic way!)
Submit your explanation under comments...


  1. I dont know and it is always wrong.

  2. It will not work for some numbers.

  3. I dont know how to explain this with algebra but here's my theory.

    Now,if you have followed the instructions on the reader, you will end up with a number and the number's symbol will be displayed right? I have noticed that whatever number you end up with, it is a MULTIPLE OF 9.So,if you see the chart with the numbers and their symbols,you will notice that all the multiples of 9 have the same symbol!And the symbols change each time for a new try.So,if you click on the ball without thinking of any number, you will see that the symbol which appears appeared for the multiples of 9 before!

  4. All the answers displayed will be correct because if you follow the instructions carefully, you would always end up with a multiple of nine answer, which is all represented by the same logo. Thus the computer changes the logo each time to make the game seem more interesting and more puzzling.

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  6. I know that this is going to be long winded but please bear with me. Here is my answer:
    since a multiple of 9's digits always add up to 9, if you picked a number that was a multiple of 9, you would end up with a multiple of 9. if i were to show it in algebra:
    let x be the closest multiple of 9 below you
    let y be the first digit of x
    let z be the second digit of x
    if your number is a multiple of 9 it would end up as x. if your number is 1+x then its digits would be y followed by z+1 hence the additional 1 that is added to x is countered by the 1 added to z. It continues on as you add more to your x, until you add 9 and then your x changes. (e.g. your number is 49, and that means that x=45 and because your number is x+4, y=4 and z=5 and because the 9 in 49 is z+4, then 49-(y+z+4)=
    45-(y+z). and if you remember the rule about multiples of 9, then you will realize that this applies it. and if you pick a number like 53, your x is 45, y=4 and z=5. so your number is (x + 8) but this time the rule is kinda different. since 5 and 3 add up to 8, (x+8)-8=x, which if you remember is a multiple of x. This variation only applies when your z is not the same as your number's first digit. Henceforth, your answer is always a multiple of 9
    The crystal ball will always show the symbol of the multiples of 9. I consider this case solved.

  7. The crystal ball gets most of my symbols wrong and I'm not really strong in algebra, so I'm not too sure how this works.

  8. All the answers are multiples of 9 and all the multiples of 9 have the same logo.