Monday, 11 February 2013

Term 1 Level Test 1

Dear S1-07

As spoken last week (T1W5), information pertaining to the test is as follows:

Date: 27 February 2013 (Wednesday)
Duration of Paper: 45 minutes
Total marks: 30

  1. Primes, Highest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiples (including Square, Square Root, Cube & Cube Root) 
  2. Real Numbers Reference 
  • All questions must be answered in INK. 
  • Show all working as it will demonstrates your train of thoughts and understanding on how you arrive at the answers.
  • Write neatly.
What you need to bring:
  • Working Calculator with the approved sticker
  • Ruler & Pencil 
Materials for Preparation: 
  1. Notes Booklet (green)
    • Questions (and answers) to the exercises were discussed in class. 
    • Worked solution to selected pages also available in the GoogleSite (under Mathematics > Class page)
  2. Homework, Diagnostic Assessments, Quizzes, Summative Assessments 
    • Worked solutions are available in the GoogleSite (under Mathematics > Class page)
    • The marked handouts will be returned to you on 13 & 14 February. Please do corrections. You may refer to the worked solutions in the GoogleSite.
  3. Ace Learning Portal exercises & video lessons 
    • Reading assignments & practices have been scheduled. Refer to the "Calendar".
    • You should not have problem logging in. Email me if you forget your password.
  4. Exam Preparation Booklet: 
    • (i) p1 to p8 
    • (ii) 2012 Level Test 1 (p67-73) 
    • (iii) Optional: 2012 Level Test 2
    • Worked solutions are available in the GoogleSite (under Mathematics > Assessments

The test results will constitute to your overall Maths results for the year.


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