Saturday, 16 March 2013

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by clairetham

I think that the pie chart is inappropriate because it only shows the percentage but not the specific quantity. The 3 remaining graphs are appropriate because they contain the specific quantity of the number of countries and the different weathers.


  1. Pie chart shows the 'proportion', which tells us how often each type of weather occurs by the size of each pie. So, it's still appropriate.

    There are situations when we do not require the exact figures, but just need to tell the 'size' of occurrence at a glance. That's where pie chart is useful.

    So, which graph is inappropriate, and why?

  2. The line graph is inappropriate because line graphs are used to show comparisons between eg amount of money earned over a period of time but the weathers are completely different and it is all during the same period of time therefore the line graph is inappropriate :]