Friday, 22 March 2013

Data handling: Choice of graphs by Nimalan

Among the 4 graphs (Line Graph, Bar Graphs, Pictograms, Pie Charts), one of the graphs that is NOT appropriate to represent the information

  • Can you identify the one that is not appropriate?
  • The Pie charts are not appropriate to represent this data

  • Why do you think it's not appropriate?
  • Pie charts does not tell the exact value. It is rounded off to the nearest whole number. In this pie chart it does not tell the number of countries that have different weather. It only has the angles which does not tell the details we need.
  • What makes you think the 3 remaining graphs are appropriate?
  • The bar graphs and pictograms shows the exact number of countries that have different weather. So they are appropriate to be used. Although line graphs are used to collect data over a long period of time, it still shows the exact number of countries that have different weather. So pie graphs are not appropriate.

    1 comment:

    1. Pie chart shows the 'proportion', which tells us how often each type of weather occurs by the size of each pie. So, it's still appropriate.

      As line graphs are used to present trends, it is therefore not appropriate in this situation as we are unable to tell the 'relationship' between each type of weather.