Friday, 1 March 2013

What's up between 1 March & 4 March?

Dear S1-07

Here's a summary of what was communicated during lesson, that you have to complete:

1. Homework 4a
We have discussed the common errors surfaced from the Diagnostic Test and went through the answers. We have also looked at the examples that illustrates what "variable", "coefficient" and "constant" mean.
  • Go through Homework 4a again - you should be able to answer all the questions.
2. Homework 4b
You may attempt the questions, but we'll discuss when we meet on Monday.

3. Arithmetic in Real World
This is the first attempt to link what we learnt in Topic 2 and possible application of Topic 3 in real world examples.
Click HERE to view the questions and details.

4. 6 AM Quiz
Look out for the 6 AM Quiz tomorrow morning (2 March 2013).
It will be available here at the blog from 6 am onwards - for the early birds!
The rest who wake up later... do join in the fun to meet Fido!

5. Those who owe homework
Please check against the Homework monitoring form to see what are the homework not submitted yet.
You will have to stay back after school to complete the tasks if you do not hand in during lesson on Monday.

A few of you indicated that you have submitted the work and it was not updated in the record.

  • You may take a picture of the cover page that shows the Homework number and Mark; and email it to me. I'll update accordingly.

6. Submission of Maths File
  • All Maths files to be submitted by 6 March 2013 (Wednesday).
  • By then, you should have completed your corrections; have your parents signed on the Content Page for Topics 1 & 2.

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