Friday, 15 March 2013

What's up in the March Vacation?

Dear S1-07

There are several things to accomplish in the March Vacation, and you will find most of the stuff in the GoogleSite > Mathematics site

(1) Performance Task - Viva Voce 

  • This is going to constitute to 5% of your overall Summative Assessment results.
  • Refer to GoogleSite > Mathematics site > Performance Tasks (left panel).
  • This is similar to the Viva Voce Practice that we did.
  • You may go through the questions and attempt your choice question on paper first.
  • Try to do the recording after Monday, when I would be able to provide you feedback to your practice so that you can avoid what you should not do.
  • Note the deadline of the task.
(2) Vacation Engagement
You will be learning a sub-topic on your own during the March Vacation - Introduction to Data Handling.
  • Refer to  GoogleSite > Mathematics site > Vacation Engagement
  • It is a revisit of the what you learnt in primary school.
  • You will be using resources mostly from the AceLearning and attempting exercises at the Maths Blog or GoogleForm.
  • There is a set of homework questions from the Maths Workbook.
  • Note the deadline of the task.
(3) Common Test in Term 2 Week 6
The topics are already listed in the GoogleSite, to give you an early head-start (preparation).
You may do the following as practice: 
  • Workbook 1: Revision Test B1
    • Omit Q5, Q6, Q7
  • Workbook 1: Revision Test B2
    • Omit Q2, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8
(4) Support Programme
Those who are suppose to attend the support programme, please turn up punctually with the materials required (see the earlier post).
For those who are not identified to attend the support programme but would like to turn up at the scheduled time as well.

(5) Consultation during March Vacation
The various consultation channels remain open during the March Vacation:

  • Email
  • Online Chat
  • Facebook Message

This is how your Maths GoogleSite looks like. Refer to the left panel for the various tasks assigned.

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