Sunday, 14 July 2013

Exchange Rate (Done by Pei Ling, Group 3)

At a glance, we can tell that the graph is mostly decreasing. From the graph, we can find the 
  • Median, which is about S$1.40
However, we cannot be sure of the mean because the graph is not specific enough to give me the information for me to derive the total. 

From this we can infer that the Singapore dollar is getting increasingly stronger over the years as lesser Singapore dollars is equal to a US dollar. This also shows that the Singapore economy is improving thus making the Singapore dollar stronger and more worth. 

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  1. Good inference - link to the economy -how it affects the 'strength' of the local currency.

    On the other hand, need to assess how meaningful in reporting the "median" and "mean" in this case.

    [2 pts]