Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let's Ponder (Discussion 2): Is the Change really Significant?

In the annual Town Council report, it reported the effort put in to improve the environment of the residents in the area it was in-charge of.

One aspect is the collection of refuse, which was a feedback by the residents.
The diagram shows the reported non-collections of refuse as a percentage of the total number of households in a town

Study the above diagram carefully.

1. Do you agree that the Town Council has made significant improvement? Why?

2. With reference to the visual representation, point out at least 2 areas that need improvement.
- Why do you think these 2 areas require improvement
- Suggest how to improve the representation.

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  1. Yes, I agree. The number of households has significantly constantly been decreasing thus there is improvement.

    I think that the graph should be presented in a regular time basis, i.e. Monthly, instead of starting from October '99 and skip directly to February of the next year. Since they present the data as a pictogram, the dustbins should be of the same size. (i.e. If it is increasing at one and a half times, it should consist of 1 rubbish bin and half a rubbish bin)

    To improve the presentation, I suggest they state their data and observations in a monthly basis, and to also change the way that the present the increasing trend in the pictogram manner. Refer to example above^

  2. Group 4 (Bryan)

    No. The graph is not accurate as the graphics used is not an exact representation.

    Instead of using dustbins, they should use bars to increase accuracy. Also, instead of using the dotted line, they should use a solid one.

  3. It is not a significant improvement because there is a long time difference between each data representation.

    improve :
    - include one data representation for each month.
    - use an 'x' instead of a dustbin to mark the data points

  4. Yes because there is a significant decrease in the no. of households

    since they are using a pictogram all the dustbins should be the same size

    the dates should also be in regular interval so its easier to understand

  5. 1) Yes, I agree. The 'rubbish bin' is getting smaller significantly as the months pass.

    2) The horizontal axis needs to be equal. (the intervals)
    The graph is not a proper graph. The graph can be corrected in a sense the rubbish bins can be stacked up to form a pictogram and there can be a key if a pictogram is being used.

  6. No.

    The two areas that need improvement are the horizontal axis and the representation data.

    The horizontal axis does not have a regular interval in the timings and the rubbish bins cannot be used to represent it because it's either a bar graph, line graph or pictogram, not a mixed of everything.

    The horizontal axis should have a consistent interval between the timings and they should use lines and dots (line graph) to represent the data, and also showing the trend.

  7. Bhakti Group 1

    Yes, the Town Council has made a significant improvement as the rubbish is decreasing.
    But, the rubbish bins must be identical and they must be stacked on top of each other if the person is insisting that he drew a pictogram.

  8. No I don't. The change is only 1d.p. of a percentage which is very very small.
    The graph could be represented with consistent time values. Also, the rubbish bin should not be decreased in size but should be chopped off from the top.

  9. 1)No.It was already at a very low rate and it went down by .10 every 3/4months.
    2)They could have placed it in 2D so that we can see the data of each rubbish bin picture.If not it will be hard to analyse data.
    Another improvement they could have made is place the year clearly instead of putting '01 or '99.Even though it may be logical to think '01 is 2001,It is better to state the entire year.

  10. No I do not think that the town council made significant improvements. The graph shows that they improved steadily but significantly means massive change in difference.

    1. They should increase the number of dustbins not increase the size of the dustbins
    2. They should use a solid line

  11. there is an excellent improvement, as the amount has decreased by 4 times.
    They should not use pictures in this diagram and even then, they should use the same unit consistently. A pictogram uses the same unit and this is not even a pictogram. Use Bars instead!

  12. No I dont. There is not much of a significant decrease in the graph.

    I think the graph should be presented in a regular time basis with equal time difference. It should not jump from Oct '9 to Feb '00 and Nov ' 00 to Apr '01. It should not decrease in size but should be cut off.

  13. It has not made significant improvement, because the amount of refuse collection has only been reduced by 0.30%.
    2.They should not have used rubbish bins to signify the amount of refuse collection as it is not clear. If they are doing a pictogram, the rubbish bin size cannot just increase in area. They should just use the line.
    Walter Koh, Group 1

  14. 1. Yes, as the % of collection refuse has decreased drastically over the years.
    2. On the horizontal axis, the months are not recorded in an equal amount of gap. Thus the graph is not very accurate. The Town Council should record months of equal gaps.
    The trends should have been shown in a line graph for better accuracy or more information. Or they could have used a pictogram.
    Grp 2

  15. Yes. The amount of households has been decreasing so there is important.

    For the graph, they should have used bars instead of dustbins so that there will be more accuracy. They should also state their observations on a monthly basis to improve accuracy.

    Group 4 (Sandeep)

  16. Group 3
    Q1) I agree that the town council made a significant decrease in the refuse in households.

    Q2) They should improve by measuring the amount of refuse at a similar month per year. EG, JAN '00 , FEB '00
    They should use bars instead of pictures.

  17. Yes. The number of household property is decreasing. I think that the graph should be presented monthly, instead of starting from October '99 and skipping directly to February next year. If they present the data as a pictogram, the dustbins should be of the same size and have a same unit per dustbin. They should present their data and observations in a monthly basis, and to also change the way that they present the increasing trend in a pictogram.

  18. Group 2 Nimalan:
    1. yes it is significant since in a short period of time the rubbish is decreasing so there is improvement.
    2. -We could skip for a bigger interval so that to see a easier trend instead of a smaller interval
    -Instead of a pictogram we could use a line graph to represent

  19. Group 3 ~

    - I agree that the town council had made significant improvement in the cleaning up up of the rubbish in the area. There is a significant drop from Oct'99 to Apr'11 although the person did not label the x'axis correctly.

    - The 2 areas that need improvement is that the graph should be represented such that they are ina regular basis. They should start from oct'99 and not directly skip to Feb in the next year. If they are using a line graph, the line that is connected should be a solid line instead of a dotted line.