Sunday, 10 November 2013

Planning Forward...

Dear S1-07

Some of you asked what topics would be covered in Sec 2.
Using what we had in 2013 as a guide, below are the topics that would be included in 2014 (however, may not be in this sequence):
  • Algebraic Fractions and Change of Subject
    • This builds on what you learnt about solving equations - reorganising the terms 
  • Solving Quadratic Equations
    • This is a small extension from factorisation. You would have to factorise the "expression" first
  • Graphs of Quadratic Equation
    • This extends on the plotting of linear graphs. Now, you need to put in more points in order to plot the graph.
    • What you can try? Use Grapher to plot the graphs to observe how they look like, and link it to the previous topic, "Solving Quadratic Equations"
  • Simultaneous Equations
    • Solving two unknowns (at this level). 
    • What you can try? Use Grapher to plot the graphs to observe how the two equations "behave" and "explore" how we can obtain the answers (or solutions) to the two equations visually.
  • Pythagoras' Theorem and Mensuration
    • You have been introduced to Pythagoras' Theorem briefly when we did "Area and Perimeter" in Sec 1
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Volume and Surface Area of Similar Figures
  • Trigonometry
    • This works with right-angled triangles. You would be introduced to "TAN" (tangent), "SIN" (sine) and "COS" (cosine) functions, and how these functions are related the right-angled triangles
  • Number sequence 
    • This builds on the topic we did in Sec 1
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Indices and Standard Form
    • Relate this to the "Index Notation" and simple algebraic manipulation that were covered in Sec 1; you also came across this in Sec 1 Science
  • Set Language and Notation
  • Direct & Inverse Proportion
    • We did this topic in Sec 1, and direct proportion was tested. 
    • Inverse Proportion is delivered as the end-of-year flipped lesson, to be followed up in Sec 2
  • Kinematics
  • Probability
  • Percentages
    • This topic has been delivered and tested in Sec 1

Apart from the above, you can also refer to the Sec 2 Textbook - do check your booklist.
You can also access to the materials in the AceLearning for a self-preview :)


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